Your Data Privacy and Security

Data Security KeyYour personal and private computer data is very important to you. From documents, images, music and videos – even a modest user shall have a few hundred megabytes of personal data stored on his computer these days.

Data Protection

When a computer fails and you are unable to access your personal data - it can be very stressful and in some cases a disaster.

Unless you have no qualms about losing your data in the event of your computer failing - you should regularly backup your most important files to some type of external media or removable storage such as: CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives and portable external hard drives.

Alternatively or in addition to an external backup, you should also think about using one of the numerous "cloud" based backup solutions that are now available to consumers as well as small business owners.

When undertaking any installation, upgrade, maintenance or repair work on your computer - Savoir Technology Services with your permission will always try to take an external backup of your personal data to a portable hard drive before commencing any such work. These backups are to safeguard your data in the event of loss or corruption while work is carried out on your computer. All backups are permanently deleted after the work has been completed. However, no responsibility or liability will be accepted in the event of data loss or corruption while work is carried out on your computer. Please ensure you backup your important files and data on a regular basis.

Privacy and Security

We all keep all sorts of personal information on our computers. And we do not want unauthorised people accessing and viewing this information. Therefore, it's important to secure, restrict and in some cases encrypt your most private information on your computer - so that only you and anyone else you authorise can access and view it.

Savoir Technology Services treats your personal and private data with confidentiality and respect. Unless explicitly instructed and agreed by a client, any private and personal data files are never opened and viewed.

If you need help or advice in regard to data backup and/or computer and data security - then please contact me.

The computing services and solutions offered are based on mutual honesty, trust and integrity.


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