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Computers and Technology, in general, can enrich and make our lives easier and more productive - but can also be a source of great frustration and stress when things go wrong or when we struggle to use them correctly.

Computers are basically electronic machines that run software programs that make them useful. The Operating System (OS) is the main and most important program that runs on a computer. Without an OS - a computer is not much good for anything. The OS needs to be installed and configured correctly before other programs can be installed that run within the OS and provide additional functionality - such as Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Games, etc. In the home and commercial business sectors, there are three operating systems in use: Microsoft's Windows, Apple's macOS, and Linux - in order of popularity. Other operating systems do exist - but these three are the most popular and widely known and used. Similar to motor cars, computers and the OS they run should be serviced from time to time if they are going to run smoothly, efficiently and trouble-free for the duration you own them. But again like cars - they can still go wrong and sometimes unexpectedly or can suffer an accident. And that's when they need to be repaired, or in some cases - replaced completely.

In order to drive a car properly, competently and safely you need instruction and experience. Once you learn to drive one type of car you can easily drive many others. Learning to use a computer and the operating systems they run is very similar. For instance, once you learn how to use Windows on say a desktop computer you can easily use Windows on a laptop. And vice versa.

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