Computer and Internet Training and Instruction

Would you like to learn to use computers with confidence? Do you want to be a competent and savvy Internet user? Or perhaps you have a family member or a friend that's a technophobe that would benefit from some friendly, patient and personal tuition?

There are numerous benefits and uses in knowing how to use a computer and the Internet in today's digitally connected world. Savoir Technology offers personal instructor led courses and tuition on general skills in computers and the Internet.

Here are just some of the things you can do with a computer and access to the Internet: 

  • Stay in touch with family and friends wherever they are in the world via e-mail, instant messaging, social media or even by live video link.
  • Share and exchange your personal digital photos and digital videos with family.
  • View and manage your bank and savings accounts.
  • Search and bid for items on auction sites.
  • Look for a new car.
  • Pay your household bills.
  • Plan a trip abroad and research your destination.
  • Book flights, trains, cinema, and theatre tickets.
  • Learn new skills, hobbies and pastimes like a foreign language, home DIY, fitness exercises and cooking recipes.
  • Shop and buy most goods and services like books, music, movies, and groceries.
  • Look for and apply for jobs.
  • Promote and market your business or professional services.
  • And much more...

Tuition for All Ages and Levels

Couple on Laptop at Home

As long as you are willing and interested in learning - you can learn to use a computer - regardless of your age and previous experience. Savoir Technology specialises in teaching over 50s and those with no previous experience in using a computer and the Internet. Lessons are relaxed, paced, friendly and everything - including the jargon - is explained in plain and concise English.


Flexible and Bespoke Learning

  • At your Home or Business premises.

  • Daytime, Evening and Weekend Classes.
  • Buy a complete course or 'Pay as you learn' lessons.
  • Tailored lessons based on your learning and training needs.
  • One-to-one tuition.
  • Group sessions and workshops - contact me to discuss further.


Course: General Introduction to Computers and the Internet

The full course lessons* include:

Total Cost for all 10 lessons: £250 inclusive price (Each lesson will last between one and three hours)

1. Computer types, computer parts and peripherals - how it all connects and works.

Couple taking self-shot photo with smartphone2.Connecting to the Internet.

3. Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

4. Internet Search Engines: Google and Bing - finding information on the Internet. 

5. E-mail and other communication applications including Skype.

6. Introduction to Online Shopping: Amazon.

7. Introduction to Online Buying and Selling auctions: eBay.

8. Overview of popular websites: YouTube & Wikipedia.

9. Introduction to Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

10. Computer and Internet Security and Safety Awareness - protecting yourself online and your personal data.


*Or you can pick just the lessons you are interested in. Individual lessons are based on per hour lessons at the standard service fee.

Please note. Prices apply to an individual learner. Couple and Group sessions are also taught - please contact me for more details and pricing.

Other Lessons Available:

  • Beginners Apple macOS X.
  • Introduction to iPhone, iPad and iTunes.
  • Learning to protect your children: Setting up and managing Parental Controls - filtering, monitoring and limiting Internet use.
  • Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Setting up, troubleshooting and securing your wireless home network.


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